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Gwen Stefani admiration of a singer’s style is making her husband Blake Shelton jealous.

Was Blake Shelton jealous of a singer at the battle rounds on the voice?

Blake Shelton was having an amazing night at the voice battle round on Monday, team Blake performed extremely well and they impressed the judges. But because Blake was having a good night with his team doesn’t mean his eyes is not on his wife, the country star noticed that his wife praising one of the performers on team Legend David Andrew after his impressive performance, Gwen’s praise on the singer was almost borderline on gushing over him. She told the singer the singer how much she wanted him, she fought and turned for him in the blind, but David later chose team Legend, “David, you know I wanted you bad” she told him. Camila seeing Gwen’s reaction teased Blake to get a reaction out of him, she went “Oh my god, Blake.” She got the reaction she wants from Blake when Blake turned toward his wife and show her his jealous eyes, “Whoa!” he exclaimed jokingly.

Gwen, not deterred from all the teasing she’s receiving from her fellow judge continue her gushing, she said David get a distinct style and praised that are been bestowed on him by the judges are very well deserved. After the performances of team Legend, despite the praise David received from Gwen, Legend chose Kim as the final winner of that round. There was already water under the bridge, despite Blake’s jealous eyes, he was seen an aside video on the voice telling his wife beautiful he thinks she look that night.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani

Ahead of the season 2 of the voice, in an interview with the coaches, Gwen was asked about her feeling this season, she said she is happy and having a great time with her husband on the show. She is happy like happy anywhere, a song she sang alongside her husband Blake. While Blake the competitor is he will even be more competitive this season than the previous season, he said strategy that makes the one whose team member always win is back in full force this season. John Legend was in agreement with this, he told the interviewer that because, Blake’s wife Gwen is back on the show this season, he said Gwen is Blake’s Achilles heel, and because of her, any competition from Blake will be at a minimum because Gwen will make him cool down a bit and take the edge off him, so the competitive Blake will not be in full force this season.

Blake was looking as if what Legend was saying isn’t true, he didn’t touch the topic, so he just went on to compliment the performers on the show, he said there are people with incredible talent present at this season of THE VOICE. Blake, always the jokester said, the reason why there are 4 judges on the show is because it takes 3 people to compete against him.

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