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How Do Snap Scores Work? The Complete Guide to the Official Instagram Algorithm

How Do Snap Scores Work? The Complete Guide to the Official Instagram Algorithm


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Introduction- What is a Snap Score and How Does it Work?


Snapchat offers an interesting approach that shifts its focus of users from likes, impressions, and story views. It is the same as Facebook, the algorithm measures focus quality and display it as a Snapchat score.


The Snapchat score represents the rating of the Snapchat account. It shows how active you are on the app, the snaps you sent out, posted, received on the fee, etc. How does snap score work? The working of your Snapchat score is the combination of your overall activities on the app. It reveals how social you appear on Snapchat.

Snap Scores

Your Snap Score works as:

  • The number of snaps you received and sent
  • The stories you posted and viewed
  • The discover videos you watched
  • The number of friends you have


How to get your snap score up? You receive bonus points for sending snaps at once to multiple people. Keeping Snapchat Streaks every day to friends adds bonus points.


What Happens When it is Too Low? Why You Shouldn’t Worry

The Snapchat score going too low is nothing to worry about. It should not bother you. How does your snap score go up? At the most, you can increase your app activity, and the score will increase. You can acquire bragging rights with high scores.


How to increase snap score? Your score may go too low if you use an outdated app version. You may try the latest version. If the problem is hard to fix, you may use the contact customer service from the app. Not having a high score means you are not using Snapchat for long and do not know many people as others. To increase, add the links to social media accounts, and you can enjoy high scores.


How Does Your Profile Affect Your Snap Score?

What does the snap score mean? Snapchat score increases with each snap you receive or send. The higher the snaps you send, the higher the score. Snaps that you send count as a Snapchat streak. It affects your profile if the Snap score is low. The snaps count score increases.

Snap Scores

Even More Ways Snapchat Can Impact Your Account’s Snap Score

  • Post videos and pictures on Snapchat stories- Snapchat stories indirectly increase the score. You can post the Snapchat story and get 3 points, no matter how many people view the stories you post. Posting up to 24 hours per day content or Snapchat story games is valuable if you have stuff worth sharing in lots. Ensure you do not clog up the feed of everyone with much content.
  • Stay active – Snapchat increases the score, and it helps with exploring. Snapchat does not increase the score with all that you do. What is a snap score? The truth is on the Snapchat website other factors contributing to the mystery of the snap score. You can have fun and engage with the app, thereby keeping the score going up.
  • Open snaps received- Receiving a point for each snap opened increases the snap score. You may tap the button appearing next to the name of the sender. It will show as purple for a video and red if it is an image.


Snapchat is fun, enjoy getting rewarded. A better idea is to have a higher Snapscore than your circle of friends.

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