Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart talks about ending of Riverdale.

The women in film honors gala was on Thursday, it was a star studded event, among them is Lili Reinhart, she did an interview with entertainment tonight at the event, the actress talked about shooting the last since of Riverdale, she played Betty Cooper in the series. The actress talked about sad she was when she stepped on the set to start shooting for the last season, her mindset for this period is to try and not the experience for granted, to try not to be too sad and just enjoy her time working with her longtime co-stars for the last time on riverdale, with can talk about Riverdale and not mention the amazing chemistry between the cast of the show, maybe it’s because they’ve worked together for a long time. The cast of the show always entertain us with videos from the set, the 3 amigos Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Madeline Petsch are always doing viral TikTok challenges together, from the videos we see, we can imagine how much fun they all have together. The 26-year old actress said after the show, they will all be so busy with their individual lives that the TikTok video they do together may not happen again, because after the show they won’t be in the same location again, but the actress hoped whenever they may have time to hangout together, they may be able to make a TikTok again.

Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart

When the actress was asked whether she will take some stuff from the set to remember the show by, the actress said she doesn’t need physical things to remember the show by, all the experience she gained and all the memories from the show will serve as enough keepsakes from the show.

Lili is someone that’s always vocal about mental health and her struggle with anxiety, when she was asked about its next after Riverdale, she said her focus will be on her production company Small Victory Production, she they will produce films that are focused more on the feeling of teenagers, to show them how the real world is, among the thing she will focus on is LGBTQ and stories focused on female. Lili who is never shy to speak her mind, she talk about mental health often and body positive, she has talked her struggle with loving herself and appreciating her body, she said some days, she will wake up, look in the mirror and not like herself, like everybody else, she is also not as put together.

Lili went on a rant on Instagram Kim Kardashian openly talked about going to through an extreme diet plan to be able to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s “happy birthday” for the 2022 met gala, Lili said she didn’t regret what she said because Kim didn’t understand the kind of damage she can cause young people watching her page.

When asked if she will be at next year’s Met Gala, she said she is not sure, but will really love to be invited back.

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