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Selena Gomez on how she copes when diagnosed with bipolar disorder

In the trailer of her new documentary “my mind and me”, Selena Gomez is letting her fans get a little glimpse of her journey. The documentary will be focused on the past 6 years of the 30-year old, from her struggle with lupus which she was diagnosed with in 2015, her mental health issues like depression and anxiety. She also opened about been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (a disorder that causes someone to feel emotion from extreme [mania] high to low [depression]). Selena in a voice over in the new teaser of the documentary talked about her battle with her diagnosis, she didn’t know she was going to cope with it at first, Selena scared that she may not make it back the next time, decided to learn more about bipolar disorder so that she can be prepared for whatever that may happen in the future, but she still have to be patient and take everything day by day.

Selena released the trailer of her documentary “my mind and me” which was directed by Alek Keshishian who also directed Madonna’s Truth or Dare documentary. She left her fans feeling emotional after watching the preview. The trailer started with the singer Telling herself to just be who she is and that no one cares “just be who you are Selena, no one cares about what you are doing.” She then continued by making a promise to herself to stop living like her past self, with every breath being a breakthrough, she wants to learn to breath her own breath again.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

The documentary continues with footage of her younger self. Starting her career at a very young age, the actress has never stop working, from acting to singing to being the founder of her own cosmetic company “Rare Beauty” and her also her philanthropic work, Selena have really spent her whole life working. Because she is still here after all the years, the actress believes the reason for that is so she can use her platform for good and be able to help someone else. By the end of the trailer you can see a change in her, she’s happier and more in control of her emotions more than ever, and one of the things that help her is the connections she found with her friends and family, those connections stop her from going too deep inside her head. Let’s not forget that Selena’s original song which have the same title as the documentary “my mind and me” will be used as the soundtrack. The lyrics from the song makes feel Selena’s emotion so deep, as if you were there when it was written.

In 2020, on an Instagram live with Miley Cyrus for the show Bright Minded, the 30-year old singer reveal that she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when she visited McLean Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. After her diagnosis, she researched everything and anything she needs to know about the disorder.

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