What does a Hot Stone Massage Seattle do to your body?

Are you planning to have something to relax your body and soul? If so, consider having a Hot Stone Massage Seattle. This massage therapy is the perfect combination of what your body and mind need to have to experience solace down to the core. This massage is the perfect blend of slow and gentle massage with the perfect use of hot mineral stone that took the soothing effect to the next level and gives you the ultimate pleasure.

What hot stone massage actually is?

There are numerous kinds of messages out there, so sometimes distinguishing them from one another is quite confusing. However, hot stone massage as the name indicates involves the usage of hot stones that makes it easier to distinguish. In this massage, basalt stones are used mostly and placed at acupuncture pressure points that soothe the muscles and release their tension.

Effectiveness of hot stone massage on your body

The hot stone massage is useful for reducing stress, enhancing blood circulation, and easing muscle tightness. The use of hot stones during a massage induces a deeper state of relaxation and well-being than other methods, and this is entirely due to temperature. The use of hotter stones results in profound blood circulation, which has the following advantages:

  • Better blood circulation – Increased lymph flow can enhance your circulatory system’s general health, which eventually enhances your general health.
  • Better relief from muscular tension – Full-body massage treatment is well known to be a wonderful way to relieve muscle tension.
  • Enhance oxygen flow- Hot stone massages stimulate healthy blood and oxygen flow, which aids in whole-body repair. The hot stones increase your body’s surface temperature, which widens your capillaries. This promotes a healthy blood flow that transports lactic acid away and pulls in regenerating nutrients and oxygen.

Other benefits that hot stone massage caused for your body

Relax your body

Your body will become more relaxed as the warm stones rest on it, both physically and emotionally. Warm muscles are more receptive to massage methods like rolling and kneading. Heat will help soothe your muscle tension and relieve your ache thus, helps the overall relaxation of your body. Your encounter is more calming when your therapist is better able to massage your muscles. Your ultimate relaxation might be sparked by hot stones.

Encourages sleep

As per the 2006 assessment of insomnia patients, it was concluded that massage helps better than drugs to treat insomnia. According to a study, receiving a back massage might help you unwind and fall asleep. Like other massages, hot stone massage encourages sleep by relaxing the body and easing muscular tension.

Making You Feel Better

Your emotional and physical health suffers significantly when you are under stress. Hot stone massages naturally and efficiently decrease stress and anxiety by easing muscular tension and encouraging relaxation. During your hot stone massage, your Massage Therapist will concentrate on your pressure spots for greater physical and emotional relaxation.

Ease your stress

Massage and warmth help tension leave the body. The heated stones’ gentle pressure might be comforting. The hot stone treatment is like a cozy cuddle in a secure environment. While your massage therapist works your muscles, stress is put on hold. Additionally effective for anxiety and depression symptoms is hot stone treatment.

Relieves pain and stress in the muscles

Heat has long been used to reduce pain and muscular strain. It aids in boosting blood flow to the injured region. Additionally, it could alleviate muscle spasms and improve the range of motion and flexibility. The use of cold treatment reduces inflammation. Using hot and cold stones alternatively could help you with your condition.


The study also discovered that those who experience stress and anxiety are more likely to get injuries. The massage sessions appear to help people feel less stressed and anxious. This demonstrates that hot stone massage treatment not only relieves stress and discomfort but also enhances both physical and mental health. Massage treatment is far superior to other comparable therapies due to its many health advantages. Blue lotus spa is offering almost all kinds of massage treatments, so you can have the best in your area without any trouble.

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